Christy is extremely intuitive, warm and insightful. She creates a very comfortable space in which unpacking and exploring topics comes effortlessly, where it is safe to be open and vulnerable. This level of connection allowed an immediate trust to develop, and as a result speaking and sharing came very naturally. She allowed me to feel heard and observed, and in that I was able to move through and unpack areas that may otherwise have been difficult or uncomfortable to talk about. I was able to let go of a lot of anxiety around a number of elements in my life, and look at these from a different, kinder perspective. I very quickly developed a great degree of faith in Christy’s ability to hold space for me and would recommend her to anyone searching for a coach that can make a real positive impact.

- Rasa

Christy is a great listener. She brought generosity, compassion, and intelligence to each session. She helped me to recognize important themes and patterns in my life. She very skillfully guided me in visualizing desired outcomes and in identifying practical improvements for moving forward.

- Michelle

I worked with Christy while deciding whether to make a career change. During the time we worked together, Christy made me feel heard, but perhaps more importantly she improved my decision-making process. Because of her, I saw my options in an entirely new - and clearer - light. I credit her with helping me make the right choice at that critical juncture, for while I will always be grateful.

- Chris