What colors do you see in your kaleidoscope?

Every woman I knew seemed to think she was failing in some way, had been raised to believe she was lacking, and was certain someone else was doing it better. Had been told never to trust her own instincts. Taught to think of life as a solution when “done right,” when in reality we existed in a kaleidoscope made of shades of gray, able to be very happy and very sad all at the same time.

Glynnis MacNicol

No One Tells You This: A Memoir

Which purpose are you following?

I recently listened to the most recent Coaches Rising podcast featuring Jonathan Gustin, and was fascinated by the 3 different purposes he believes we live in our lives. I’m especially interested in the questions using coaching to help people move towards a purpose in their life that is authentic to them.

3 purposes:

  1. The default purpose is is what you’ve inherited through your family and communities of origin. It’s primarily authored socially by those around you and tends to be phrased in ways that this is what suggests this is what they expect of you. The question for you to answer is whether those messages are authentically yours.

  2. The second purpose is created. You are able to author this purpose and construct it based on what you determine makes sense for you. The question fo you to answer to get to this level is whether this is a life worth living?

  3. The third purpose is the purpose of your soul. The is the purpose you were born to occupy. It’s your destiny.

Which purpose are you currently following in your life?