Wine Club Membership

I’m lazy.

There I said it.

Sometimes I can be lazy and the subscription box trend is something I really enjoy.  Whether it’s beauty product samples from Birchbox, personalized book selections from Just the Right Book and the awesome independent bookstore RJ Julia or a monthly sock club, I like the convenience of having items that I want delivered to me on a monthly basis.  And I like the surprise of being introduced to new items.

I’ve been part of a wine club for as long as I can remember and this has been my favorite subscription/membership.  Getting a specified number of bottles of wine delivered on a regular basis ensures that I always have wine on hand to share with friends.  I’m also introduced to new wines and wine producers that I most likely can’t find at my State Store in PA.

The wine in the Scout & Cellar wine club is curated by the founder, Sarah Shadonix and is done on a quarterly basis.  Sarah, a Level 3 Sommelier first identifier the most wildly delicious wines that reflect a sense of place. Then, she talks with the grower and/or producer to understand their process in the vineyard and in the cellar. Then, they independently lab test the wines to confirm that there are no synthetic pesticides present in addition to any other necessary analyses if not previously confirmed or provided.  These wines are tended to by actual people and not produced by industrial agricultural methods.  The producers are typically using sustainable, organic and/or biodynamic methods. This reminds me of my favorite stand at the Farmer’s Market in Pittsburgh.  There is a guy who sells the best asparagus I’ve ever tasted.  He also sells flowers.  That’s it – asparagus and flowers.  He knows what he does well and he sticks to it.  And every spring when the Farmer’s Market opens, I run to his stand to get my asparagus.  And every spring he welcomes me back.  This is what life is about.  Making connections with the people that are producing what you consume, trusting in their process to make the best and healthiest products for you.  And this is the experience I get every time I receive my box of wine from Scout & Cellars.  Connections to wine producers who are doing what’s right for their consumers and the land and producing great-tasting wine.

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