Rosé all day – in a can!



Canned Rosé has been a dream of our Founder, Sarah Shadonix, for the better part of three years and she’s tickled pink to the have the 14K Rosé available for sale today!  The arrival of this wine is timed perfectly with Spring Forward, Spring Break and everything that comes with the change in seasons.

This crisp, refreshing quality wine has tastes of strawberry, orange peel and a bright mineralogy with zippy acidity and a clean finish.  And with zero grams of added or residual sugar this wine will be a great companion to all your activities.

As an added bonus, the 14K Rose packaging is made using PakTech handles which are made from recycled #2 HDPE materials and are now 100% recyclable.  And the covered tops and self-nesting design keeps cans clean and allows us to build pallets without trays.  The lighter weight of the cans also reduces our carbon footprint.  This allows us to bring a casual, delicious wine to you and love the environment at the same time!


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